Nha Trang-over

We had 2 days, 3 nights in Nha Trang before a typhoon hit and we ran for the hills!  We arrived on a Saturday and there were free beers at the hostel from 5-6pm (Mojzo Inn, $19 private double, breakfast included - excellent!).  It would of been rude not to drink as much as we could!  We met some nice Canadians and it spiralled out of control from there.  We ended up drinking a fish tank and dancing (and vomming for somebody) the night away till the small hours.

Thap Ba Hot Springs

190,000VNDpp (£6.63) + 5% discount from our hostel Mojzo Inn.

The Thap Ba Hot Springs were to cure our raging hangovers from the previous evening.  15 minutes in a tub of fresh, natural mud, followed by 30 mins soaking in a mineral water bath at 39°C, followed by a hot, mineral waterfall shower and a swim in the hot, mineral pool.

All very peculiar, and fun!  Not sure they totally cured the hangovers but it certainly entertained and relaxed us for a couple of hours.


$15pp (£12) - arranged through the hostel

We were originally planning to do our PADI (scuba diving certification) in Nha Trang but that was before we learnt that it was off season and the better diving is between March & October.  So we settled on a day out snorkeling instead.  Recommended by and booked through the hostel, we did the Amazing Snorkeling tour.  It was ok.  We were supposed to do 3 locations but the wind was picking up because of the typhoon coming in so we only got to do to 2.  Visibility wasn't fantastic (as expected), but we did get to see lots of nice fishes.