Hoi An to Nha Trang - 581 to 935 miles

It was 8 days of cycling from Hoi An to Nha Trang and we made a point of stopping at a couple of nice beaches along the way.  Whoopie!

Quy Nhon - Beach day 1

We made the mistake of following 'roads' on Maps.me again.  Our routes took us through the sticks, cycling through flooded towns, dirt/sand tracks and in some places there was no road at all.  My panniers are now completely knakered!

So after 5 rough days of hard peddling, we stopped at a little beach town for a much needed rest day.  We were pleasantly surprised:

Quy Nhon was bustling.  It had a nice long beach, warm sea and cool beach bars.  We spent a lovely day on the beach sipping from fresh coconuts and cans of Tiger.  We felt like it was well deserved after all the washed away roads we'd encountered along the way.

Doc Let - Beach day 2

After 2 more days on the road (and a few mountain passes) we arrived on the beautiful white sands of Doc Let, a beach 30 miles north of Nha Trang.  It certainly had an influence from Nha Trang... we were suddenly surrounded by 1 million Russians!!

We spent a scorching day at the beach, and both lost our sunglasses in the surf.

When Mike finally prised me away from the beach we headed for Nha Trang, 10 days after leaving Hoi An.


Coconuts were rife on this leg of the journey, it certainly seemed more tropical in this neck of the woods!  The sun was shining everyday now and it was very hot on our rides.  The coconuts are piled high on the sides of the road, next to them a bunch of hammocks are strung up in the shade.  It makes it so easy for us to be able to stop whenever we want, sit back in a swinging hammock and sip on the juice of a delicious, fresh coconut :-).

The Route