Full Moon in Hoi An

We raced to Hoi An to catch the (super) full moon festivities in Hoi An Old Town.  Everyone had gathered along the riverbank to buy a lantern, make a wish and place it in the river in the moonlight. The ancient town was alive with activity.

An Bang Beach

We cycled to the nearest beach for a day of R&R. The beach was nothing special, but it was nice to put our feet up and get stuck into the books that we'd lugged half way across the world.

The Ancient Town

We spent the rest of our time exploring the ancient town, which involved some sight seeing, but mostly clothes shopping for Hayley.

The town itself is quite beautiful. The buildings are old and quaint, the central streets are reserved for pedestrians which makes it a peaceful place to wander around. The atomosphere is heightened by the tranquil music playing out over the town tannoy system. It made it feel like a toy town.