The Best Way to Road Trip in Australia

Christmas 2015, we travelled to Australia for a 4 week whistle stop tour of the east coast. Like most, we decided part of our tour had to be a road trip from Sydney to Brisbane. We began looking into hiring a campervan. We’d heard mixed reviews about the cheaper campervans. We were looking for something a bit different; a little more luxury without a huge price tag.

Bear Rentals

After a couple of hours on Google, we stumbled upon Bear Rentals. Now this looked up our street! Land Rover Defenders spec’d out with everything you’d need for a full on outback expedition. Granted, perhaps a little over kill for our ramble up the Pacific highway, but we couldn’t resist.

A few emails later, we had our Bear; A Defender complete with Cub Camper trailer and all the accessories; tables, chairs, cooking equipment etc. The defender was everything you’d expect it to be; slow, loud and at times uncomfortable, but we absolutely loved it. It was great fun to drive and an instant conversation piece at every campsite we pulled up to. An ingenious hatch in the side gave access to all the cooking equipment. It also had a pull out awning, which was useful on more than one occasion.

The real luxury was found in the trailer. Four clamps, a winch and a couple of wing bolts later, the trailer turned into a huge tent.

Inside the erected tent was a double bed and a spacious room, with plenty of head space to stand up in. Out the side of the trailer came a pull out cooking station and sink. This setup really had everything.

We couldn’t recommend Bear Rentals more. All the staff were excellent, the cost of our setup was comparable to some of the mid range campervans and they even dropped it off and picked it up wherever we wished.