Thanks for visiting our page! We're Hayley & Mike, a British couple who love travelling, cycling and going on adventures.  We’re both 27 and had been working as engineering professionals for four years when we decided to ditch the nine-to-five grind and head out to see the world.

How we met

We have a pretty similar story. We both graduated from University in 2012, and moved to Birmingham, UK, for our first professional jobs.  We met in a social house share in 2013 and started dating in 2014... the rest is history.

The Travel Plan

We recently cycled the length of Vietnam, from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, about 1,200 miles (1,930km) over 6 weeks. We sold the bikes in Ho Chi Minh City and continued on foot through the Mekong Delta and into Cambodia. After this, we headed east into Thailand and then south into Malaysia & Malaysian Borneo, Singapore and Indonesia. Our latest stop has been New Zealand, which is where we are now.

The Budget

You might be wondering how we can up-sticks and afford to do this. Well, we're actually sticking to a pretty tight budget of just £25pp (~$30) a day. So far we have been pretty good and are averaging £25.50pp a day. We put most prices of things we get up to in our blogs so you can follow along if you're interested.

Update: The budget has been upped to £35pp a day for New Zealand. We are currently averaging about £31.50pp so we are actually coming in under budget :).

The Blog

We decided to do this blog to document our travels for our friends and family. We also hope it could be useful to anyone thinking of cycling in Vietnam or anything else we get up to in South East Asia/New Zealand.

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